specialized in

DJing, Composing Filmmusic, Orchestral- Tech- & Deep House, Piano Improvisation.

The older brother, Sebastian, is Dj, Producer and thoroughbred pianist based in Mannheim, pushing different genres to their limits. Behind the decks he's playing the fusion of impulsive Tech-House and film music-parts or he is mixing scratchy Funk- and Deep-House. He is a rare talent, with work streching across movie trailer scores, deep live shows and incredibly well formed production. Sebastian crosses a boundary from electronic producer into a true modern day composer. 

Starting his first lines in the early 1990s by composing piano-improvasations, he is now the musical focal point of bruederBACH. All of his emotions are reflected in his piano- and orchestralcompositions, appearing in different film projects all around the globe (e.g. BunterHund Productions Munich, Siemens Germany, Interact Club Nepal and more).